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On the Chongwen campus in October, the air began to permeate a sober artistic taste. Oh, it turned out that the elder sister opened the door to the festival. Come! Let's go in and see! Bang, bang. Walking into the campus, I heard wonderful music. This music is like a little elf, flying in the air, very cute! Follow the path the elf showed me Cigarettes Online, and I will disappear in a while. Following the disappearance of the elf, I came to Ye Hongming's violin scene. Ye Hongming's performance was excellent, and Ye Hongming played it very seriously. Gradually, he closed his eyes, forgot everything, and forgot himself. I also closed my eyes. Listen carefully, the beautiful voice echoed in my ears. I feel that all the noise has disappeared, only this sound, this sheet music has been turning around me until the last three notes. I just reluctantly flew out of the music, ah! So beautiful. With the light and shadow of another elf hour, I came again, the performance art scene of President Yu and classmates. Quickly, Yu Xiaoliang's body is as bright as an iron man, motionless. Wang Yinuo, also motionless, sweat beads have already flowed down, but they are still motionless, forming a beautiful photo. Reproduced 400 years ago, Mr. Ye Yongsheng held the book and taught the students personally. Ok? What's there Oh! It turned out that Mr. Bai Wei was painting. He used uneven force to make the painting more vivid. When he stayed for a long time, he painted the rolling hills; when he stayed for a short time, he painted the colorful clouds. He was very serious. After a while, he took a step back and looked at the painting. ! After a while, I took a step forward and made a fine line with a pen Newport Cigarettes Coupons. As time went by, the teacher's obsessive painting seemed to ignore the people who admired him Parliament Cigarettes. I secretly admired and admired him! The wonderful violin sound still echoed on the campus, the vivid paintings were also hung on the walls of the school, and those beautiful scenes also remained in my heart. The festival is a photo that records my dreams and takes root; the festival is also a loved one, giving my dreams, watering and fertilizing; the festival is still a step, let me go up the closer to the dream
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