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On the spring day, the sunshine outside the window is just right, reflecting on each vibrant green face; the birds in the trees are singing, and the gentle echoes are in the endless green playground; the wicker is swaying, reflecting in every clear and translucent translucent The spring of the recovery of everything in the lake is coming, and I also entered the second half of the second year of the second year. However, I looked at the vitality in front of me, but I did not know myself, and what to do this spring, I was very hesitant. Everyone said that the second day of junior high school was the darkest year in junior high school life Cheap Cigarettes, especially in the second half of the semester. Really, now I feel like I'm spending every day in the muddle, I don't know what I'm doing, and even more, I don't know what I should do ... remember Wang Feng's "Existence" sings like this: "How many people are walking, but they are stuck in the original Earth; how many people love, but seem to be separated; how many people live, but seem to die. Who knows us, how should exist? "Who knows us, how should exist? This lyrics tells what I think in my heart now: How should I exist? I like to drink light mineral water, which is in line with my mood; I like to listen to gentle songs Newport 100S, in line with my own thoughts; I like to wear white clothes, in line with my mood; I like to write sad words and write my ignorant youth this spring Marlboro Gold, I am anxious. On the second day, only a few months away from the third day, the pressure on my body suddenly increased. I was thinking every day that I was about to take the third day, and I was about to take the exam. Every day, parents and teachers always I would say: I ca n��t always think about playing now, I have to work hard more than once and I think, why should I exist in this world? What is the meaning of our existence? Why do we have to learn? However, every time he laughs with self-deprecation, he lives for a lifetime, why do he want so much? What's the use of caring? Do you still study for the sake of survival? You are often in a daze, looking at a place for a long time, like you are just a bystander, standing on the brightly lit street, looking at the crowds coming and going, watching this strange world Everything is so illusory, even if it is close, but it seems to be far away
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