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Prophet Shepherd Bushiri inquiring for tithes and services from his followers all through the coronavirus disaster has precipitated an uproar on social media.During a televised cope with from Bushiri over the weekend, the debatable non secular figure asked contributors of his congregation to ship their tithes and services via EFT .In the insert, he puts the church's bank statistics on the screen and says: "Don't concentrate to the devil, don't pay attention to other people, do not concentrate to what your thoughts says. Listen to what God says.

Give your tithe, carry your tithe, give your providing, provide your seed and God will bless. "Following this, in some other phase, he then is shown printing out proof of charge EFT Items from people who sent gave a tithe and supplying along side a WhatsApp number where they can ship their proof of bills to. The Twitter streets have been another time left speechless for the reason that many people are struggling financially due to the continuing coronavirus disaster globally. After the backlash, the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) Church released a announcement regarding,

announcing that this was a part of a worldwide fundraiser to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. “The Prophet intends for improve extra cash from willing properly-wishers www.lolga.com throughout the globe; the money wanted to shop for ventilators, face mask, gloves and hand sanitizers so one can be given freely to any vicinity where it is wished, "said Ephraim Nyondo, Prophet Bushiri's spokesperson.He delivered:" Plans are already underway to construct at least three hospitals in Southern Africa which will be assisting catastrophe victims on every occasion they arise. "

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