#1 How can I plan my Metro Journey Planner? von Oscar 07.04.2020 20:14

I love Moleskines. They are elegant and nondescript, offer enough blank pages for your most creative drawings or lists, and are plain enough to look just as at home in a man's pocket as they do in a purse. I took this one to Paris and appreciated the multiple maps and street index. I love that there are transparency sheets so you can draw over a map without ruining it. It's plain-looking enough that you can surreptitiously try to figure out what Arrondissement you are in without looking all OMG I'M A TOURIST ROB ME PLEASE AS I LOOK AT MY GIANT MAP. Sturdy enough to be a nice souvenir of a trip or a personalized travel guide to pass on to your cousin who's headed to Paris next.

#2 RE: How can I plan my Metro Journey Planner? von Fnker 07.04.2020 20:15

I'm a bit of an over-planner. I determine agendas for each day, pick areas of a city to explore, and literally determine which roads we will walk down to accomplish our set plan for the day. I love that about myself. I own it, and I work with it. Thus, for a our trip to Rome last year I bought no less than five separate maps. This was the best map of all of them. It has all of the major sites and roadways, it's easy to read, and very importantly easy to write/mark on. I liked it so much I just reordered the same map to plan for our upcoming trip in November!

#3 RE: How can I plan my Metro Journey Planner? von Mfhjet 07.04.2020 20:16

We just got back from Paris and this app was awesome!! I was initially intimidated by the Metro, but was able to map out the route to our hotel prior to arriving and found it with no problems. Also a helpful tip if you are going: pick up the city map at the tourist info because it has all the names of the Metro stations right on the map. It was a little bigger than the one I picked up at the hotel, but was helpful for this alone. That way you only need to look for the tourist attraction you are interested in going to and then put the name in of the nearest Metro. Some of them are obvious names, but not all. We felt like pros the very first day! The Metro is actually very simple, but this app was quicker and easier than standing there studying the map. We were able to concentrate on finding the platform and direction we needed to be heading. Highly recommend!

#4 RE: How can I plan my Metro Journey Planner? von Oscar 07.04.2020 20:17

Our favourite bar is in Obuda: catch the No 1 to Becsi Ut, then get on a 17, 19 or 41 tram to Kolosy Ter, only a few stops, Get off the tram and walk down the hill for 100 metres and turn left and about 200 metres away you wull see Fapados Sorozo: a proper watering hole, all human life is there, but posh or trendy it ain't - Fapados means 'third class'. Get back on a 19 or a 41 to got to Bathyhany Ter, or a 17 for Szell Kalman, the main transport hub on the Buda side.

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