#1 Hip flexor strain! hip flexor stretches von Oscar 05.04.2020 15:13

Bob....so sorry that I didn't see your question before now.

I hope by now this pain you're feeling in your knee has lessened. It is quite common to have knee pain following hip surgery. Soft tissues must adjust to your new hip. Your alignment has been readjusted. It's all part of the recovery journey.

#2 RE: Hip flexor strain! hip flexor stretches von Medfdw 05.04.2020 15:14

Hello everyone. Hope you're all have a nice summer.

Well, I'm 7 months post-op. I've lost 33 lbs and will continue to lose. Hip feels great. However, my psoas muscle is still preventing me from lifting my leg without pain. I'm really depressed about this. I thought I'd be pain free by now.
Any suggestions on how to fix this thing?!?!

#3 RE: Hip flexor strain! hip flexor stretches von johnpketc 05.04.2020 15:15

I have a tear or tears in that muscle or one of the associated muscles in the hip flexor group (I haven't studied the anatomy of things yet, but I think the psoas is the primary hip flexor). I was just diagnosed yesterday. My surgeon said it can take up to 6 months to heal something like this. He wants me to go easy, but participate in (reasonable) PT and walk short distances with my cane as I am able to. I limp a lot and am 6 1/2 weeks out from surgery.

It's been a while for you--IHas the cause of your pain ever been specifically diagnosed? Muscle tear, tendon prob? Prob with the anatomy and a ligament/tendon getting caught on the cup of the prosthesis (I've heard this can cause long term groin pain)?

#4 RE: Hip flexor strain! hip flexor stretches von thomas L charles 05.04.2020 15:15

Dorothy... I had a followup with my surgeon weeks ago. He confirmed it was a strained psoas muscle. The only thing he said is that it would take time to heal. (thanks alot)

At this point, I've given up. I'm just going to live with the pain.

Take care,

#5 RE: Hip flexor strain! hip flexor stretches von Georgia 05.04.2020 15:16

I'm sorry to hear that your surgeon didn't have any more answers or advice for you. I'm certainly no expert, but it does seem like you've given it plenty of time to heal if it's just a simple strained muscle. Do you think it might be useful to be evaluated by another surgeon or a physiatrist? Click here to find out more

#6 RE: Hip flexor strain! hip flexor stretches von Oscar 05.04.2020 15:17

Exactly--and perhaps the next physician or two that you consult with will have better advice or think of something that the other didn't. You never know until you try. I went through about 2 years of really bad pain and was misdiagnosed by several doctors before I found out the real problem was hip arthritis. I got very discouraged and had a couple of times when I felt so down and defeated that I just wanted to give up--"I guess this is the way I'm going to have to live." But, I didn't give up totally, and now am headed on a much better path. I'd probably be in a wheelchair by now if I hadn't kept trying until I got a correct diagnosis and had my hip replacements. One thing I learned from this is there are many doctors and many opinions out there ... many "fish in the sea" in the medical world. If you have something going on and the diagnosis or treatment doesn't make sense to you, keep searching for an answer. Don't give up.

#7 RE: Hip flexor strain! hip flexor stretches von 05.04.2020 15:17

Thanks for the support Dorothy. I really appreciate it.

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