#1 Sher-Wood Rekker M90 Grip Hockey Stick von Rados 28.03.2020 23:11

Like its ancestor, the Sherwood Rekker M90 Hockey Stick is one of the lightest and most responsive sticks available!

The Rekker M90 Hockey Stick is developed by Sherwood's new BlackLine XXV carbon fiber. This carbon fiber weave is presently more grounded and tougher than at any time in recent memory. Expanding upon that is the FlyLite II Technology which is the utilization of more slender materials that are more tightly, lighter, and increasingly responsive during stickhandling and shooting.

The Rekker M90 has a low kick point controlled by the Dropkick Taper. This forceful plan gives faster stacking occasions, bringing about lightning-brisk shot discharges.

Known For:

BlackLine XXV carbon fiber: more grounded, progressively sturdy, and lighter

380 grams

Solid and lightweight graphene material fused into high-wear zones for improved strength

Dropkick Taper: requires less exertion to draw in the sticks kick point bringing about unparalleled shot discharge speeBladeF.4 Blade: more slender and lighter profile with cutting edge froths on the inside for improved control and feel.

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