#1 Best The Beautiful Rectangular Chandelier von Oscar 06.03.2020 11:19

I needed a chandelier for my condoís dining room, everything I liked was more than $500. I found this in Amazon that had a discount that day and because of moving, I had a 10% discount; so I ordered thinking if I donít like it, I can always gift it.
It came in a box within a box, very well packed and within 2-3 bs days.
After the electrical was installed w no problem by a professional, I organized the crystals by number on the table, put the gloves on (donít skip this part or you will have noticeable fingerprints and clean then while hanged is a pain) and followed the instructions. The graphic steps have the 4 type of crystals (balls) installed first, then the 1-2-3 types that should be installed at the end.
Better to start from the middle out or you will fear that the weight will weigh too much on one side.

#2 RE: Best The Beautiful Rectangular Chandelier von profita 06.03.2020 11:19

I love this light fixture! It completely transformed the bedroom in my new house! Installation definitely requires at least two people, one of them to hold it in place. We made the mistake of putting the light fixture up without the shade, so had to correct that. The two hardest part was lining up the screws with the holes on the drums, and hanging the crystals. The latter took me about a good hour because it has like a keychain- type ring, rather than a hook. Each crystal was individually packaged and then bagged by group. Definitely work your way out when hanging them. The insert of the drum has a protective plastic lining which I removed after installation. I purchased LED E12 dimmable bulbs and installed a dimmer, and love it even more. The mesh has a plastic insert, which maintains the shape of the shade. It has a very elegant look and definitely more beautiful in person.

#3 RE: Best The Beautiful Rectangular Chandelier von johnpk 06.03.2020 11:20

Unfortunately, one of the pieces came broken. I contacted the company through Amazon and they were very responsive. In no time, they sent out a replacement and emailed me to see if I had received it. I was able to easily assemble that portion of the fixture and replace that section on the chandelier myself. I'm very happy with my purchase and with the excellent customer service. Don't hesitate to buy this one. I purchased crystal LED bulbs to go with the fixture. Bulbs were not included.

#4 RE: Best The Beautiful Rectangular Chandelier von Sydney 06.03.2020 11:20

I bought this beautiful chandelier for my master bedroom. It's absolutely gorgeous and looks even better in person. I had an electrician put it together and hang it for me. He said it was a bit complicated to assemble but wanted to know where I got it so he could buy one for his wife. He said it looked amazing for the price, better than many other more expensive ones that he has assembled, and he would definitely get one.

#5 RE: Best The Beautiful Rectangular Chandelier von Londyn 06.03.2020 11:20

Okay so I hired an electrician to wire it!! Needless to say he called for backup. Then it kicked both of their asses, so once they finally got it installed. I setup the crystals. TEDIOUS AND ANNOYING! And I broke a few, some came broken, but they didnít send any extras (MOST COMPANIES DO). But in the result itís beautiful and you canít really tell im missing a few pieces. But I agree with the other reviewer, I used ONE glove because it was hard to attach the crystals with both.

#6 RE: Best The Beautiful Rectangular Chandelier von Georgia 07.03.2020 08:40

I love it when you order something and it exceeds your expectations! This light did! I ordered two for my hallway. My husband installed them with no problem. They are heavy and seem well made. They look very substantial and give off a beautiful light. I painted my hallway Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore and these lights look gorgeous with that color! They also arrived super fast! Iím in love with these! If you want to know more details please visit here https://www.claxy.com/about-us

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