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THE UNEXPECTED "THANK YOU" Marketing Articles | May 10 Wholesale Kyle Lauletta Jersey , 2002
I bought my first new car when I was 21 years old. It was a bright red ... Along with the joy of owning my dream car came the ... of paying for it. I remember how the feeling of "b

I bought my first new car when I was 21 years old. It was a
bright red convertible. Along with the joy of owning my
dream car came the responsibility of paying for it. I
remember how the feeling of "buyer's remorse" plagued me for
days after I drove the car off the dealer's lot. ("Buyer's
remorse" is what we feel after making an impulsive decision
...until we can justify our decision with logical reasons.)

About a week later I got a personal letter from Ray, the
salesman who sold the car to me. He thanked me for the
business and congratulated me for making such a wise
decision. He then went on to list all the benefits I'd enjoy
as a result of my wise decision.

Ray's letter didn't change the car payments I faced for the
next 3 years. However Wholesale Lorenzo Carter Jersey , it did change the way I felt about
them. I lost my buyer's remorse almost immediately. Ray's
letter also changed the way I felt about him. I bought 3
more cars from Ray during the next 10 years.

I used versions of Ray's "thank you" letter throughout my
business career. They helped preserve a considerable amount
of business. They also helped solidify many valuable
business relationships.


How would you react if you received a personal "thank you"
from a company or person a few days after you spent money
with them? You'd feel good and probably want to do more
business with them sooner rather than later. Why not give
that same feeling to the most important people you know
...your customers.

Here are some benefits you gain when you send a personal
"thank you" to a customer or client who just gave you

** You reduce or lower any buyer's remorse your customer or
client feels after their purchase.

** You develop a closer relationship with your customer.

** You gain free word-of-mouth advertising when your
customers tell everybody about your unexpected "thank
you" letter and how good they feel about doing business
with you.

** You have an opportunity to resell more (or other)
products or services. You can even promote this by
including a special price or discount offer in your
"thank you" letter.

** You enhance your image as a consumer-oriented business.

Your unexpected "thank you" does not have to be lengthy. You
don't have to write it individually for each customer or
client. You can use the same text for everybody with just a
few minor changes -- like inserting the customer's name. You
don't even have to take the time to type envelopes and mail
letters. You can send your "thank you" by email or fax. Just
be sure to personalize it as much as possible.


If you ordered books from Amazon, you received a good
example of an unexpected "thank you" letter by email. Their
"thank you" email message even includes the titles of other
books you can order on the same subject.

I recently spoke with an MLM distributor who sends what she
calls a "congratulatory letter" to all her new distributors
2 days after they sign up. In it she repeats the specific
financial goals the new distributor mentioned before signing
up. Then she includes a brief description of how the
business will enable the distributor to achieve them.

Most buying decisions are made on impulse. Later we look for
logical reasons to justify our decision. Help your customers
with this by sending unexpected "thank you" messages. Remind
them of the benefits they will gain by using your product or
service. It reassures them of the wisdom of their decision
...and reduces your cancellations and refunds. Article Tags: Buyer's Remorse Wholesale B.J. Hill Jersey , Days After, Unexpected Thank
Wood Preservative Chemicals Market Is Expected To Reach US$ 2.53 Bn by 2025 | Credence Researchby johnsonpaul · December 27 Wholesale Will Hernandez Jersey , 2019

According to a new market research report published by Credence Research, Inc.è½é¥æ·²ood Preservative Chemicals Marketè½â Growth Wholesale Darius Slayton Jersey , Future Prospects, and Competitive Analysis Wholesale Julian Love Jersey , 2017 é¥?2025,é¥æ¾çhe global market for wood preservative chemicals was valued at US$ 1.65 billion in 2016 and is expected to reach around US$ 2.53 billion by 2025 Wholesale Oshane Ximines Jersey , increasing to CAGR by 5.5 per cent from 2017 to 2025.

Market Insights

Wood preservatives are used to increase the life span of forests by controlling the decay of insects, bacteria Wholesale Deandre Baker Jersey , and fungi. Wood furniture has a significant share of the furniture industry, which has led to the demand for wood preservatives. The market for wood preservatives in the chemical industry is growing due to the strict rules that limit the use of wood. Wood is protected by the use of chemicals and numerous methods of treatment that extend their working life and reduce maintenance costs. The sustainable growth of the wood furniture industry is likely to have an optimistic impact on the wood preservative chemical market in the forecast period.

Browse Full Report Originally Published by Credence Research atè½
Wood preservative chemicals play a key role in the construction process of buildings. The increase in construction expenditure will indirectly increase demand for wood Wholesale Dexter Lawrence Jersey , which will also increase the demand for wood preserva. Wholesale NHL Shirts Wholesale Football Hats Wholesale College Jerseys China Wholesale College Hoodies China Wholesale NBA Hats China Cheap NBA Jerseys Cheap Baseball Jerseys Wholesale NBA Jerseys Cheap College Hoodies From China Wholesale Jerseys From China

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