#1 Projector furnace Repair companies? von Oscar 03.02.2020 11:01

i am thinking of getting into this business but i dont want to waste my money on a fly by night outfit. which company would be best to learn and buy from. also if i start this how do i compete with big well known name companies for jobs thanks

#2 RE: Projector furnace Repair companies? von Londyn 03.02.2020 11:03

Who ever you choose, get training and a money back guarantee in writing. I cannot stress that enough. Shop by reputation, not sales pitch, and choose a company that has been around for awhile and is in stable financial condition so you know they will be there to support you in the future.

#3 RE: Projector furnace Repair companies? von Sydney 03.02.2020 11:03

I was in the same position as you about 8 mths ago and plumped for training with Graham aka screenman who is the agent for Delta in the UK and to be HONEST I think I made the best choice.
The kit is well engineered ,compact no compressors etc easy to use (most of the time when not on a ladder doing motorhomes) is reasonably priced and I get good advice from Graham when I need it – I had to pay for the training in the UK which was a wise investment – Ive seen loads of smart repairers on e-bay with esprit kits for sale they ve never used as so called training left them badly prepared and the best thing of all for you in the States is that Brent trains you for nothing!

#4 RE: Projector furnace Repair companies? von Oscar 03.02.2020 11:05

That is a lot like asking which truck is best everyone has their own opinion
Myself I would have to Answer Delta Kits and Liquid Resins I have been at this several years and found these two to be the best to deal with they have always gone the extra mile to earn my business and the operate in a positive manner conducive to helping make this business better rather than some who just seem to want to sell you something regardless of whether you need again my choice s are Liquid Resins and Delta Kits

#5 RE: Projector furnace Repair companies? von Londyn 03.02.2020 11:06

If your question is which company offers the best equipment, that can only be answered by taking enough time to explore all the options available. There are numerous "kits" being sold that employ a variety of different methods used to make a repair. Just because some companies sell more complex and expensive "systems" than others, that doesn't mean they are better at making quality repairs. In other words; high cost and great results are NOT mutually inclusive. No matter which company's products you consider, the education/training and technical support before/during and after you make a purchase is just as important as the quality of the equipment being sold (IMHO). While there is a learning curve that comes with mastering any skill, being trained to do repairs by experienced technicians can significantly flatten and shorten that learning curve.

#6 RE: Projector furnace Repair companies? von Georgia 03.02.2020 12:42

Enbridge came and give me a red tag and gave me notice for 4 weeks to fix my problem. I was so worried about tag and eventually, I called Cambridge heating to help me. Tech canes the next day and resolve my problem and charge just $99.I was extremely glad. I have been very pleased with the service and courteous personnel of Cambridge family heating and cooling. My furnace stopped working suddenly and they came right over and fixed the problem. They are also on time.

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