#1 Contacts VS Glasses (Complete Guide) von Oscar 01.02.2020 08:28

There are so many that will stand with glasses so strongly that they could argue that contacts are extremely bad both socially and religiously. There are some that just love contact lenses for the beauty and comfort it brought.

This article is not picking aside as you would be given that liberty of picking the one you want but we are going to be talking a bit extensively on both.

A contact lens is that material worn in the eye, on the eyeball either for sight enhancement or fashion. You see, it doesn’t really matter the purpose why you wear a contact lens, be it for sight correction or fashion, it. Makes you look cool, the fact that your eye has a different color and it makes people want to look at you more and wonder what exactly is changing here, or what is different about this person is super cool.

There are so many reasons why many people pick contact lenses, mostly for comfort and reduction of stress and the highly reduced probability of damage, sometimes for budget or just the love for it. This type of sight enhancement is usually seen by many as bad and harmful, though this is not entirely wrong, its harm is over-exaggerated. It is actually great to use.

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