#1 Baccarat Cheating Formula von Oscar 31.01.2020 11:17

Ping Pong card formula Is a formula that requires a lot of results to be switched up 3 times. For example, if the Banker and Player results up to 3 times, start using the ping pong formula, which is To put the result into the card table to calculate baccarat to alternate according to the result. Until it is repeated, so we bet For a better chance of winning the game Which comes out alternately like a ping-pong Therefore named the table tennis card. The Dragon card formula is waiting for the cards to be repeated many times. For example, if a banker card is issued for 3 or more consecutive times, then we bet on the banker because there is a very high chance of getting the same card. If you look in the statistics table, you can see that when the same pattern is played several times in a row, the rate statistics will come out like a dragon's tail, the origin of the name of the dragon card itself. I would definitely recommend checking it out สูตรบาคาร่าฟรีป๋าเซียน

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